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If you require a ground-water supply, the success of finding well sites that will provide adequate and reliable water supplies at the lowest possible cost for well drilling and construction, operation and maintenance can be risky and very expensive. 

Do you need water?
  Do you need water? 

AGW Consultants has developed a program that guarantees ground-water supplies to clients we accept.  We have the tools and we have the talent that you need to eliminate your ground-water exploration risk and the unnecessary waste of  taxpayer money for very little return.  Examples of failed ground-water exploration programs are legion.Wells in areas of high aquifer transmissivity produce more water than wells in areas of  low aquifer transmissivity.  You will need fewer wells where aquifer transmissivity is high and your overall operation and maintenance costs will be lower. 

However, areas of high aquifer transmissivity are very difficult to find without the proper exploration techniques and experience.  Without the "right stuff" you are can spend a lot of time and money for very little return. 

Our ground-water exploration guarantee has the advantages of:   

developing a ground-water supply with minimal financial risk
placing the cost of the exploration and development program and the cost of the water on the user rather than on the taxpayer.

 Our methods are particularly useful where water occurs in: 

buried paleo-stream channels in alluvium-filled basin and glaciated terrane.
paleo-stream channels incised into bedrock.
fractured igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock
subsurface lava tubes in volcanic terrane.
karst terrane.

We have worldwide experience in locating ground-water supplies.  Projects outside of the United States are carried out through our sister company in Cyprus. 

If you are located in a coastal zone where offshore, fresh-water springs occur, we can locate we can locate the onshore subsurface conduits which channel ground water to the offshore discharge point so that fresh water can be tapped before it escapes to the sea.  

Davalos, North Coast of Cyprus. North coast of Cyprus at Davalos

We will not not offer our guarantee program in every case, and we will only accept assignments based on our review of the hydrogeology of an area. 

Look around and see what we do.  We have a sample proposal that you can use to write us into your ground-water exploration and development program.  Just download and change it to suit your situation.  When you are ready, contact us, and let AGW Consultants locate your ground-water supplies and optimum well sites for you! 

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